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Coaching for Excellence in Nursing: A Guide for Educators


What is the benefit of this course?

Develop your teaching skills collaborating with experts from the National League for Nursing. Practice how to promote reflective thinking skills with your learners utilizing Socratic dialogue; and recognize how to foster a safe and effective learning environment.

Overview of Course

This interactive 5-module immersive program covers adult learning theory and how to apply theory to practice, and provides context for understanding novice nurse challenges and how educators can help with the transition to practice.

You will use micro-learning strategies through localized video capture and peer and NLN consultant assessment.

This innovative course provides the time and space for educators to practice using Socratic dialogue in common learning experiences before interacting with novice nurses.

What you will learn

At the end of these online lessons, the educator will be able to:

  1. Utilize the Guide for Teaching Thinking to promote reflective learning among novice nurses.
  2. Apply provided strategies to give effective feedback to the novice nurse in clinical and non-clinical settings.
  3. Integrate adult learning theories and adult learning styles to impact teaching plans.
  4. Appreciate the unique attributes of the novice nurse and how these attributes shape their learning and development.

How it works

  • Course Length

    5 weeks

  • Effort

    5 hours (1 hour per week)

  • Delivery

    Online, On-demand

  • Instruction


  • Cost


  • CEU

    5 Continuing Education Units


Who is this course intended for?

Preceptors, Clinical Instructors, new faculty in nursing education and anyone looking to improve their teaching skills with new nurses.

What are the course expectations and progression?

This course is self-paced with each module taking up to an hour to complete. It is recommended that learners take one module per week. Each module contains content and a video challenge for the learner to practice the skills taught through video capture. Learners will build their skills utilizing the individual feedback they receive from a trained NLN consultant and their peers on the video submission. 

What kind of technology is required?

Learners will need access to either a web cam, built in laptop camera or even a smart phone to complete the required challenges.

You may enroll and purchase any session below that works best for your schedule. You have unlimited access to the five-module course in a self-paced format during the entire ten-week timeframe. The session will automatically open and close on the dates listed below.

Coaching for Excellence Option B
Course Access Available to Learners: July 27-Oct. 4, 2020
Registration Ends: Sept. 21, 2020


Coaching for Excellence Option C
Course Access Available to Learners: Oct. 5-Dec. 13, 2020
Registration Ends: Nov. 30, 2020


Coaching for Excellence Option D
Course Access Available to Learners: Dec. 14, 2020-Feb. 21, 2021
Registratoin Ends: Feb. 8, 2021