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Are you a simulation novice?  Begin your simulation journey with our seven Foundation Courses to build a strong portfolio in simulation education best practices.  This option is available for those who want to purchase an individual license for all seven SIRC Foundations courses.  The list price is $1200 to purchase for the courses individually.  Save 10% by buying the bundle for $1080. 

Benefits of SIRC Courses

The National League for Nursing (NLN) Simulation Innovation Resource Center (SIRC) presents a series of reimagined, virtual courses designed to offer professional development in simulation education. This bundle of seven courses has been designed as a virtual, asynchronous, and self-paced experience. Learners have access to these courses for 1 year.  Nursing education continues to evolve to meet the challenges learners face when developing their thinking skills and translating them into action, within the context of patient care.  Simulation-based education consists of a wide collection of teaching strategies, underpinned by theory and evidence, that aim to support learners in their emergence as competent and caring clinicians.  Developing, implementing and evaluating immersive and evidence-based simulation experiences for learners require that nurse educators develop a highly specialized skill set in the art and science of dialogue, teaching pedagogy and psychological safety.


SIRC Courses:


Foundations: Laying the Groundwork for Teaching with Simulation




This course lays the foundation for understanding the basic pedagogy supporting simulation in nursing education. Participants  will explore theories that support the effectiveness of simulation as a teaching strategy and examine best practice standards for simulation design and delivery.   




4 contact hours/

0.4 CEUs


Modalities:  Exploring Simulation Features


This course explores simulation modalities and methods for increasing fidelity and realism. Theory and standards are presented to guide the development of simulation scenarios and the influence of modalities and fidelity to the learner experience and achievement of outcomes.

4 contact hours/

0.4 CEUs


Curriculum: Understanding the Curriculum Map for Thoughtful Simulation Integration 


This course describes how to utilize a systematic approach for integrating simulation into the curriculum. Methods for assessing curricular gaps are included as well as guidelines and considerations for incorporating simulations as a teaching strategy.


4 contact hours/

0.4 CEUs


Evaluation and Assessment: Examining Learner, Facilitator, and Program Outcomes


This course examines concepts of simulation evaluation and assessment. Learners will describe methods for evaluating students, faculty, and programs. Considerations for choosing an evaluation tool based on select situations are included.

4 contact hours/

0.4 CEUs



Prebriefing and Debriefing:  Facilitating the Learning Experience  


This course explores the theoretical, philosophical and essential elements of prebriefing and debriefing to help learners achieve outcomes that can translate into future practice.  Learners will have the opportunity to explore how to craft a prebriefing that creates an ideal environment for experiential learning to occur and practice microskills that build the knowledge, skills, and abilities essential for theory-based debriefing methodologies used in simulation.

6 contact hours/

0.6 CEUs



Facilitator: Exploring Roles in Simulation Delivery


This course uncovers the knowledge, skills and abilities that support a simulation facilitator in delivering a successful learning experience.  Becoming a simulation facilitator requires the development a subset of roles that are leveraged at various phases of the entire simulation experience, to include, prebriefer, debriefer, evaluator, mentor.  Participants will also explore how a facilitator prepares before, responds during and reflects after each experience.

4 contact hours/

0.4 CEUs


Interprofessional Education:  Leveraging Simulation Strategies for Team Development


This course aims to build a foundation for understanding interprofessional simulation-based education. Participants will explore definitions and competencies of interprofessional education. Strategies for designing, implementing and evaluating interprofessional simulation within educational and practice settings will be examined.

4 contact hours/

0.4 CEUs

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