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Teaching with Technology


Course Overview

Nurse Educators are being challenged to adapt their teaching styles to meet the needs of the new generation of learners. The learners entering higher education have grown up using technology in and out of the classroom. This On-Line Course will provide learning focused on using technology and instructional methods to enhance learner engagement in and out of the classroom. There will be learning activities in each module to help the participant practice using the latest educational technologies, which include: web-based resources, desktop resources, and online applications. Participants are encouraged to stop the learning module videos and practice using the tools presented along the way. The focus will be on practical knowledge and hands-on experience to help educators design activities that help learners develop the clinical judgment necessary to provide safe patient care. Participants will leave this course with the knowledge to apply at least one new technology skill to their work setting; discuss ways that educational technology can support instruction and student learning, and demonstrate leadership by modeling the use of educational technologies.


What you will learn

Learner should expect to:

1. Describe issues related to why active learning strategies help enhance clinical judgment

2. Discuss ways that educational technologies can support learning                                    

3. Apply at least one new technology skill to their teaching                                

4. Create a learning activity that enhances clinical judment in their learners

How it works

  • Course Length

    Recommend 1 Hour Per Week

  • Instruction

    Asynchronous, Online, On-Demand

  • Cost


  • CEU

    0.5 CEU's and 5 Contact Hours


Who is this course intended for?

Faculty in nursing education who are looking to enhance their knowledge on technology enhanced learning. 

What are the course expectations and progression?

The course is self-paced with each module taking up to 1.5 hours to complete.  It is recommended that learners take on module per week.  Each module contains content and a brief interactive learning activity for the learner to share insights and ideas on how they are incorportating technology into their teaching and learning and learn from others taking the course asynchronously. 

What kind of technology is required?

Learners will need access to a computer, tablet, or smart phone to complete the course.


There will be no cancellations, returns or exchanges.  No exceptions.  

Price: $220.00